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[Use Case] ~ How people are using WorkWihtGPT

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Here are common use cases, along with prompt links:

<Improve personal productivity>

1. Writing Assistance

> Automatic reply: Generate an intelligent response or thank you letter based on the content of the incoming mail, strengthening relationships.

Create an auto-reply expressing gratitude in Gmail, ideal for managing large volumes of emails.

2. Quick summaries

> Article summary: Quickly grasp the key content of social media articles, reducing usage time.

Provide a concise summary of content appearing on Facebook: summarizing user activities.

> Short summaries of Twitter feeds: for quick understanding of recent tweets.

> Automatically summarize important content from work discussion threads, enabling you to quickly get up to speed.

Summarize the content of Slack channel conversations: providing a high-level summary of recent discussions and topics.

3. Language Learning Assistant

> Key vocabulary and examples: Based on foreign news content, recommend appropriate vocabulary and usage examples, enhancing memory.

Extract important vocabulary and its

examples from Yahoo news articles: aiding in better vocabulary learning.

> Translation assistant: Understand foreign language content, ensuring correct reading comprehension in a foreign language.

Translate email content in Gmail, making communication clearer between different languages.

> Refactor content in Gmail: to improve clarity and understanding while maintaining the original information.

<Enhance company productivity>

1. Recruitment Assistant

> Resume screening: Evaluate job seeker skills for fit and score them, speeding up resume screening. Prompt link: Screen candidates on LinkedIn based on specified job criteria, simplifying the recruitment process.

> Interview invitation: Generate personalized invitation letters based on the job seeker's resume and job requirements, showcasing a professional image and improving response rates. Prompt link: Create professional and attractive invitation letters for potential candidates on LinkedIn.

2. Marketing Expert

> SEO Article Writing: Analyze reference articles, extract core keywords, generate high-quality SEO articles.

Provide SEO-friendly article suggestions for Medium: assisting in increasing the visibility and coverage of articles.

> Market Research: Understand competitors deeply, analyze consumer sentiment, explore satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors, help formulate market strategies.

a. Merchant Review Summary Prompt link: Analyze reviews on Google Maps, helping to understand the public's sentiment and feedback towards stores.

b. Product Video Review Summary Prompt link: Evaluate YouTube video reviews, providing insights into audience opinions and feedback.

c. E-commerce Product User Experience Summary Prompt link: Analyze reviews of specific Amazon products, providing important insights into customer satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and feedback on products.

3. Customer Service Representative

> Automatic Customer Service Response: Based on customer inquiries, intelligently generate thank-you or apology letters, improving customer satisfaction.

Prompt link: Create automatic responses for BusinessFB customer support, ensuring timely responses to customer inquiries.

> Customer Complaint Summary: Quickly grasp the product and the cause of the problem that customers are complaining about, improving service quality.

Analyze customer complaints for Messenger, helping to identify problems and improve customer satisfaction.

4. Software Engineer

> Code Review: Automatically detect code issues and provide improvement suggestions, ensuring code quality.

Review code on Github and provide constructive feedback to improve its efficiency, readability, and performance.

Review code in Bitbucket and suggest improvements: focusing on code quality and following best practices.

>Test Writing: Write test cases to ensure code quality and stable operation.

Write unit tests for code on Github, helping to verify the correctness of the code and simplify future development.

Create unit tests for projects in Bitbucket to ensure robustness of code.

> Documentation: Generate clear technical documentation based on specified specifications.

Write explanatory documents for code on Github, which aids in better understanding, maintenance, and use of software.

Prepare detailed documentation for Bitbucket code repositories to improve understanding.

You can also search different web pages, or tags, on WorkWithGPT to understand what tasks others are performing, and try it out. If you are interested, feel free to give it a try. Here are the installation steps:

1.Download from the Chrome extension and register an account for free. Extension:

2.From the above prompt link, click on the Pin button on the right, and it will automatically save to your account. You can use it after clicking on the extension.

3.When you reach a compatible webpage, the feature will automatically activate. Click the button to generate a response.

Note: WorkWithGPT is an experimental product and may have some bugs. The team is constantly working on improvements and appreciates user feedback.



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