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Make Your Time More Valuable

WorkWithGPT is a Chrome extension featuring ChatGPT that offers complimentary access to GPT-4 / Bard, in addition to functioning as a summarizer for blog, YouTube comments, as an AI writer for Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To use OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT-4 across all websites, simply press +M. WorkWithGPT unveils a groundbreaking user interface enabling the utilization of OpenAI's ChatGPT across all your preferred websites.

How it work



01. Save multiple prompts

WorkWithGPT allows you to save multiple commonly used prompts without any limitations. You can easily select the prompt you need from the right-click menu at any time, or using short cut without the need to copy and paste text.

02. Let ChatGPT be meeting transcription assistant

ChatGPT concurrently identifies and highlights the main ideas from each participant, ultimately creating a summary of the meeting, a list of action items, and any other assistance you require.

03. ChatGPT help you

You can save the most commonly used prompts for work-related, such as:
- When replying, please ask ChatGPT to help polish.
- When writing in other language, please ask ChatGPT to help correct grammatical errors.
- If the article is too long, please ask ChatGPT to summarize.

04. Free

WorkWithGPT is a free Chrome extension that only requires logging in to ChatGPT to use. If you want faster response times, you can choose to use OpenAI's API key or upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

05. Ctrl+m to access

WorkWithGPT supports the Ctrl + M shortcut key to help you respond to messages more quickly. Simply select the text, press the shortcut key, and WorkWithGPT will automatically generate a reply.

06. Auto enable prompt

Automatically enable prompt based on the webpage being used, without thinking, start with just one click.


Unlock the Power of ChatGPT in your browser

With WorkWithGPT, you are free to use ChatGPT on any site.



The goal of WorkWithGPT is to enable anyone to harness the power of GPT through a user-friendly Google Chrome extension. WorkWithGPT allows businesses, marketers, product managers, finance teams, entrepreneurs to easily collaborate with AI without requiring any programming skills. By providing access to ChatGPT for anyone who needs it, including assistance with tasks such as article summarization, grammar correction, and copywriting, WorkWithGPT makes it easy to work with AI.

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